Boat (How to make)

Useful tips in text and photos


See photos of the stages above.

1. Make a hole in the lids for pouring. (This can get a bit sticky so do it by the sink.) Remove the lids from the sauce and sprinkle tubs. Cut away about 3 notches (5cm) in a triangular shape then put back securely on the tub.

2. Preferably use an ice cream scoop. Put the scoop in a jug of warm water after every scoop, this helps to release the ice cream off the scoop.

3. Take out one tub of ice cream from the freezer at a time. Place it on a bag of frozen peas or something similar. This will help to stop the ice cream from going too soft too quickly.

4. Add 2 scoops of ice cream, sauce, sprinkles, flake and a wafer curl.

a little tune to get you into the ice cream mood (Pomp and circumstance)


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